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One More Cooking Class to End the Year - Holiday Tamales

One of the most challenging things for many of us who have transitioned to a Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle, is finding ways to make our comfort foods over the holidays. I love Tamales and there are wonderful plant based tamale recipes. So let's have one more cooking class to explore these tasty delights,

In this class we will be making three different kinds of filling along with a wonderful Whole Food Plant Based masa. I will even have directions for an oil free masa option. And we will be making a red, green and white sauce to even bring in the holiday colors. There will be hands on tamale building. As always, our class will end with us enjoying our delightful creations in a wonderful holiday meal. And as always, you will come away with the recipes.

We will be having the class at Shanti Omstead in Gisela, AZ, this is a beautiful organic farm. The class will be on Saturday, December 3rd, from 11:00am to 1:30pm. Here is the link for the flyer and registration if you can attend.


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