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There are so many resources available for information and recipes for Whole Food Plant Based Eating.  Here are just a few of my favorites. If you are looking for specific information, you are always welcome to email your questions to:

YouTube Channels & Pod Casts 

Jane and Anne Esselstyn will make you laugh and do a great job demonstrating delicious plant based and usually heart health recipes. They generally use recipes from some of my favorite cookbooks

The Exam Room Podcast (also available on YouTube) offers a wealth of knowledge about Whole Food Plant Based Eating.

Micheal Gregor an amazing nutrition research reviewer offers wonderful videos about maintaining our health.  He is not sponsored by anyone.


There are so many cookbooks that are chocked full of wonderful Whole Food Plant Based Dishes.  Here are a new of my favorites:

Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease Cookbook - Esselstyn

The Engine 2 Cookbook - Esselstyn

Be a Plant Based Warrior - Esselstyn

Plant Strong - Esselstyn

PlantYou - Bodrug

Fiber Fueled Cookbook - Bulsiewicz

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