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In 2020, I made a huge lifestyle change and transitioned from a Standard American Diet to a Whole Food Plant Based Eating Style.  I released 40 pounds and have never felt better.  My goal now is to help people to add more Whole Food and Plants to their daily lives.

Excited about the results of transitioning to a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle and loving to cook, I have expanded by knowledge base by graduating from the Rouxbe Professional Plant Based program and the Food for Life Instructor Training.

I share my knowledge teaching classes at Shanti Omstead Organic Farm in Gisela, AZ and in different locations in Payson, AZ.  

I understand that some people have very busy lives and don't like to cook and others love time in the kitchen preparing great meals.  So you will find both approaches in my blog.

So have fun enjoying the recipes and posts and if you have any questions or have a topic you would like me to address, please send me an email or complete the contact me box.  


Contact Information:

Leslie Cook
602-909-5616 (Text please)
Food For Life Program Video
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