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Explore the Nutrition Rainbow

One of my favorite sights in the sky is a beautiful rainbow - the spectrum of colors created by moisture and the sunlight - brings a smile to my face.  Folklore talks about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow ~ this can be true on our plate.

The beautiful rainbow of colors in our plant world brings forth nutrients and marvelous flavor.  These bright lights are created by phytonutrients in our food.  Not only do these provide valuable nutrients to feed and nourish the cells in our bodies, they empower our immune system, and even effect our mood.  A plate of color provides nourishment to our cells and our minds.

Let’s take a moment and look at The  Nutrition Rainbow chart created by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (  Pick a few colors and explore how a color can indicate powerful phytonutrients  and the health benefits of these plants.  Can we take a moment and just absorb the idea that food fuels the cells in our body, effect our immune system, our organs, our health.  ‘ Food is Medicine..’

Each color has different properties and different benefits, so including a wide variety of color in our food choices can help to balance our bodies and our health.  Will Bulshvick in his book ‘Fiber Fueled,’  invites us to have 40 different foods each week in a variety of the colors to maintain a healthy gut microbiome.  This effects all aspects of our health and the fiber from these different sources feels the microbiome to that we can properly extract the nutrients that our body needs and nourish our organs.

Are you in a rut?  It is easy to cook one or two things and then eat them for several days.  How can we shift this pattern?

Create Buddha Bowls - these are healthy and nutritious meals that generally have a base of greens topped with a variety of color.  This might include:

  • Leftovers

  • Grains or a starchy vegetable

  • Beans

  • Fruits

  • Then, include members of some of the colors - red, orange, blue, brown, etc.

  • Then, topped with a favorite vinegar or dressing.

Make a base recipe that you can change up during the week

  • Like a soup, salad or grain dish

  • Each day you can add different colors to change up not only the color, but the flavor profile.

Batch cook or chop a variety of veggies and grains for the week

  • Each day you can create new combinations with what is already cut up or prepared

The key here is variety. If you need more ideas for a Buddha Bowl, check out this blog.

So next time you go to the store or visit the refrigerator, ask yourself, what colors can I add and think variety. What colors can you add to your plate?

Remember that ‘Your Health is Your Wealth.’  And ‘Our Food is Medicine.’  Let us look at food as a valuable source of healing and fuel for our bodies. #eatmoreplants

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