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Buddha Bowls - the almost perfect Whole Food Plant Based Meal

So what is a Buddha Bowl? It is a delicious masterpiece that we build to nourish our bodies. They usually consist of some greens, some grains, some veggies, some beans or other protein, and then some toppings (seeds, fruit, etc) Then, you top it with your favorite dressing or maybe just some lemon juice or a nice balsamic vinegar.

Buddha Bowls are a great way to do a buffet dinner for your family and friends - let everyone build their own!

I love the Buddha Bowl for a number of reasons:

  • You can clean out the leftovers and make a wonderful meal.

  • You can include some animal protein for those who want it and still be adding more healthy plants to their plate

  • The great variety of Whole Plants helps to nourish our microbiome (gut health) and improve our immune system

  • You can change the profile with a different sauce

  • They are fun, beautiful, and delicious

But what should I put in my Buddha Bowl?

  • What do you have on hand (frozen, in the fridge, or pantry)?

  • What does everyone like to eat?

  • Do you want to theme your dinner (italian, mexican, etc)?

  • Make it beautiful, lots of color provides lots of nutrients.

  • Think about the texture, do you have some crunch?

  • Don't forget about the fruit, fruit can add crunch and sweetness to your bowl.

Below is a chart of ideas for building your Buddha Bowl. You can combine as many of the categories as you like to make your perfect bowl. I find that variety is key.

Adding More Plants to your plate means exploring things you haven't tried yet. There are so many amazing grains, veggies, and beans.

Some of my favorite items that I like to have on hand:

  • Farro - it cooks fast and has a hearty texture and nutty taste

  • Short grain brown rice - you can use it for some many dishes

  • Quinoa

  • Frozen corn - great addition

  • Cabbage - it stores well and is low cost

  • Kale - remember to massage it with a natural oil, acid, and a little salt

  • Red bell peppers

  • Canned beans - they are fast and easy

  • Carrots

  • Seeds or nuts - crunchy toppings

  • Frozen mango or your favorite fruit

  • Then, I can add in whatever veggies that I have on hand or that look fresh at the store. Or even better, visit your local Farmers Market to pick up something seasonal and fresh.

Remember, we eat with our eyes too! I love using a beautiful large bowl for my ‘Buddha Bowl,’ you can have a huge one since the caloric density of Whole Foods is low while the nutrient density is high.


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