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Batch Prepping Salads

Nothing like getting home and being able to just reach into the refrigerator to find a great base salad and just add your favorite dressing to it or to make into a flavorful creation by adding a few leftovers or additions from your fridge or pantry. I make these about 4 at a time, you can make more if you like. This video will show you ideas for a base salad that you can customize to meet you specific taste buds. You only have to get the veggies out once and spend 15 - 20 minutes chopping and you are set for four to five days.

Enjoy the video of the process. Discovering your perfect base salad.

Here are the attachments to the documents that I discuss in the video

Dressing Recipes PDF
Download PDF • 42KB

RXBE_PDF_PB_PRO_Herb_Spices_Combinations 2
Download PDF • 129KB

After I finished the video. I took one of the salads and added some tai basil, roasted edamame, and peanut sauce to make this delightful variation. I love changing my salad up and I usually keep two dressing in the fridge to give me some variety and options.


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