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Blue Oyster Mushroom Steak

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Tasty Blue Oyster Mushrooms have such possibility. In my opinion, the taste profile of this mushrooms mild intensity of a fresh earthy taste. You can definitely affect the profile with spices and seasonings. Normally people break the leaves apart and sauté them or add them to their favorite dishes. I wanted to share a different technique that I learned from Wicked Healthy. The infamous mushroom steak.

So how do you create this steak texture from this delicate leafy mushroom.

First, let’s prep the Blue Oyster Mushroom clump. Begin by trimming off any of the stump that might still have growing material on it. Still from the bottom, core off any tough part of the stem, but still keep all the leaves attached. Now you can season the mushroom. You can just use dry seasonings of your choice and place them between the leaves. If you like oil, you can spray the clump before seasoning. Now, it is ready to cook.

Start with a cast iron or non-stick pan and preheat the pan to medium heat. Place the Blue Oyster clump stem side down in the pan and gentle set another pan inverted or lid on top. Allow the mushroom to steam until it starts to release a little moisture. Then, remove the lid an/or flip the pan and begin to lightly press the pan on the mushroom as it releases its excess moisture and begins to flatten. Be sure to use a towel over the pan - it gets hot. Then, gradually add more pressure to flatten the mushroom clump. Occasionally check the bottom and flip when it becomes a golden brown and then repeat on the other side. Depending on how you are going to sauce the mushroom, you can season as you like.

Once it is golden brown, it is time to add your favorite sauce or create a side sauce for dipping~ maybe a steak sauce, barbaque sauce, garlic sauce or bernaise, Be creative and have fun.

The mushroom in this picture was just spiced with salt, pepper, and some of my favorite herbs.


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