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Our Mission:
'Empowering our community with knowledge and cooking skills to add more plants to their plates ~ igniting their body's natural healing capabilities.'
Keys to Adding More Plants
  • It is all about crowding out processed food
  • What are your favorite veggies, beans, grains?
  • Start with small changes
  • Explore what is in season - fresh is best, frozen is next
  • Maybe make one meal a week totally Whole Food Plant based, then, slowly add more
  • The more variety, the more positive impact on your immune system - you are feeding your gut microbiome
The Power of Plants
Adding more plants to your meals can:
  •  Improve your digestion
  •  Enhance your immune system
  •  Improve your energy level
  •  Balance your sugar levels
  •  Save you money
  •  Lower your Cholesterol 
  •  Help you Lose and Control your Weight
  •  Reduce your Environmental Impact
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